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The Imitation Game is a multiplayer game based around a variation called the Imitation Game of the Turing test by Alan Turing. There are 2 players and 1 bot in every game. You either play as a detective or deceiver, and as a detective, your role is to decipher and name who the bot is by asking a limited amount of questions, whereas the deceiver's role is to fool the detective into thinking you're the bot.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game features a single multiplayer mode, with various difficulties (from Easy to Hard), and an optional singleplayer mode should there be no players available. There is a fully-fledged ranking system and EXP which you can gain by winning as the detective and/or deceiver. You can either be a Master Detective or Master Deceptor, with winning/losing as the opposite role costing you your rank.
Each match supports up to 2 human players, and features and intelligently coded bot, which behaves similarly to a human.


  • Fully-fledged multiplayer, with singleplayer bots if no one is available to play with
  • Rank/EXP system
  • Intelligent bot trained to talk like a human, and ask questions like a human in singleplayer
  • Multiple difficulties


Carnage [CarnageGames] - Developer, ideas, and everything else
FreeSound - Sound effects

Developer's Notes

This game was made back in 2016, and I did up to about 80% of it, before moving onto projects. I've recently picked it up and finished it off, seeing the potential for the game. It is completely free to play, but I would sincerely appreciate a donation, no matter how small or big, for the work I've put into the game. Thanks for playing!


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The Imitation Game (Linux).zip 61 MB

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